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Parents and carers are a huge and important influence during the classes.  Catching the children being good and acknowledging it is so much more powerful than only reacting to child if they display negative behaviour.

Praise is the key to developing positive behaviour, independence and confidence and any progress, however small, will be rewarded by us and should be reinforced by you. 

Some children need more coaxing than others to join in.  Never force your child to take part in an activity.  Some children prefer to watch and observe for a few sessions before feeling confident enough to join in.  Please never, ever feel “my child is the only one not doing something” – all children develop at a different rate and this has nothing to do with behaviour or intelligence. Gentle coaxing will work – forcing a child to join in before they are ready will not.

It is the aim of the class to develop confidence, positive behaviour and independence.  We don’t expect the children to arrive all behaving beautifully, joining in with everything and happy all the time.  Everyone has “off weeks” and it is important to remember that we are either parents, or experienced with young children, and you must not feel embarrassed by your child’s behaviour. 

If you have any queries, worries or comments please feel free to talk to your class teacher at the end of the session, email or call.  We really want every child and parent to have a positive and above all fun time at the Funtrain classes.

You will not leave a Funtrain class feeling negative. Please come for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION TRIAL session. We are sure you will enjoy the unique atmosphere of the classes where we hope parents and carers enjoy the sessions as much as the children. After the free trial, each class costs £6 payable termly of half termly in advance.

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