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"Jack has been so active and busy since he was small and I tried another music group but he found the structure too rigid and hard to take. His behaviour since coming to the classes has improved dramatically. It has enabled him to feel really good about himself and I now enjoy taking part in a fun activity with my lovely, lively son. Thanks for making us both so welcome."

"My health visitor was amazed that George knew his right from left just from the “good morning” song! The children really do learn so much in the classes but it is such a fun atmosphere it’s hard to believe it is possible to educate such young children whilst enjoying MYSELF so much. Thank you"

"My daughter was so shy in social situations I had almost given up going to my local mother and toddler group as it was an ordeal for both of us. But by you showing me how to let her take her time, gently coax and not worry she now joins in with all the other children so well. I have worried about her shyness so much but think Funtrain will enable her to make the transition to nursery school so much easier."

"Since moving from London I have been trying to set up my new life with my baby and Funtrain has helped me meet such lovely mummies! The atmosphere in the classes is never competitive as you really do make sure that every child is treated as an individual and the "positive reinforcement" technique really works at home."

"I have truly hated every single class and toddler group I have attended as my child has a minor disability and I have always left feeling really odd and sad. My daughter was treated so well by you and that rubbed off on the other parents and I have now made some real friends and so has Jessica. Now I see a behavioural therapist I can see where you are coming from on many of your ideas."