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Funtrain classes have been running for 16 years . The founder, Peggy Heron worked alongside a behaviour specialist 22 years ago to help her young learning disabled daughter overcome some extremely challenging behaviour issues.

Over the following ten years Peggy attended every course and seminar she could to help her daughter’s development and gained a real insight into how young minds work and the best ways to develop confidence and positive behaviours.When she started attending pre-school classes with her son three years later she felt really disappointed with what was available. Many of the classes had very high expectations of pre-school children or were just a free for all where the children weren’t given the opportunity to learn.


Peggy saw that the behaviour methods and techniques used to help her daughter worked with all young children. Using all the advice and knowledge gained from working alongside experts, Funtrain classes were created.


“Children aren’t born to know how to listen, to take instructions or wait their turn. By gentle coaxing and encouraging we soon have children astounding their parents with their abilities to take part in the classes so well. Parents and carers play a huge part in making the classes successful by praising and reinforcing when the children do well”

Peggy Heron, Founder

How it all Began